Monday, August 30, 2010

Ganguro makeup video

Hi guys , 
I´m here to show you guys my  youtube channel, it´s about ,nails ,fashion and makeup .
I just have a few videos , but for those who want to take a look,  I'll put the link at the end of the post, but not only that , also about a style called Ganguro 
I made a tutorial makeup inspired in this  style  used among girls in Japan 
very colorful and fun.
                                                     (picture font: google images )

Ganguro means black face it´s a fashion alternative trend , among young Japanese, the purpose is to obtain a deep tan skin, blond hair ,makeup white eyeshadow around  eyes, a lot eyeliner, false eyelashes,  white lips and  many accessories, even in the face, stickers to complete  the look 
there is also   Yamanda and Manba look
Yamanba and Manba 
Yamanba (ヤマンバ?) And Manba (マンバ?) Are terms often used to describe extreme  of fashion , Yamanba has the makeup focus  above the eyes, while Manba has makeup under the eyes too. They use of plush animals, bracalhetes, and flowers , Platform shoes and brightly-coloured outfits complete the ganguro look and the hair is often multicolored clothes more lavish and colorful, with contact lenses 

Ganguro practitioners say that the term derives from thephrase gangankuro (ガンガン黒?, exceptionally dark) Yamanba The term derives from Yama-uba, the name of a witch mountain folklore Japanese fashion which is thought to resemble. Ganguro is now used to describe the girls or  gals, with a tan, lightened hair and some brand clothing.
this is just  little research about this trend for those who do not know , understand better a little more where it came  the inspiration of the tutorial 
I hope you like it.

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my Ganguro final look 

the flash from the camera came different so here goes 2 pictures to see how was the inspired look 

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