Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sparkling Day !

Using sparkles on day-time, sure why not .
When you choose the right outfit you can go out basically with any thing any time, and be gorgeous,
here are three ideas for different occasions with the same top.
Accessorize its a great key for your look, but in this case be careful,  remember when you are using a sparkling clothes this is already a big detail, accessorize with simple necklace, or some bracelet, it depends in who much sparkling is your clothing,  a day outfit choose a colorful purse, and a sun glasses with style, for a more professional look, a simple necklace its fine, and a neuter color purse and shoes, if you going to turn the outfit to a evening look, so choose a colorful shoes, a nice clutch some bracelet and your are good to go, fun beautiful and glamours.


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