Monday, May 2, 2011

The Spring Colors in your Nails

Hi, every one,
what´s you favorite spring colors ?
well I get inspired with the  happy variety of colors in the gardens,
So this are the colors that I have in my nails this spring, a lot of pink I know.
I have also some greens, purple and glitters  to add some details
here some pictures with my nail polish colors, and my nails now.

 and her are some nice pictures, taken by me last spring here in Iceland, (for sure I will take new ones soon as the gardens get more full of flowers.)

so what do you think, don´t you get inspired by the colors of the  season ?

hope you like !

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pink and Black Cat Eye

Hi I love a Cat eye make up, so I made this tutorial with my pink and black cat eye,
basically you apply a shimmering pink on the middle of you eye lid,
with black eyeshadow you make a line along with your lash line,
 apply silver eye shadow in the crease,
and then a black eyeshadow in the outer corner of your eyes, blend well,
apply a bright beige  or white from your inner corner to your bottom lash line,
don´t forget your mascara to a nice finish,
and don´t forget your false eye lashes, for a even more nice cat eyes and ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shining green

Hi every one, I want to show you guys a make up that I made on my friend while a go, on that day she was going out in the evening, as I know that she likes green, I made in the eyes a nice intense shimmering green, and the  lips a  bit neutral but very charmy.
 Beautiful, don´t you think ?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

°2 uv gel nails

Hi guys, well here is my °2 time using the nail products,
the nail drill is great to remove the old gel, fast and easy to use, you save a lot of time.
and this are the results.
simple but charming, don´t you think ?

Uv gel nails.

Hi every one, so as I mention, here goes a post with a quick review about the nails products.
Well its very good, easy to handle, and the results are beautiful,
here goes a picture from the °1 time that I have used, I used the clear gel and normal nail-polish, and works great together.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rihanna make up inspiration

Hi here is my Rihanna make up inspiration
to see al the tutorial, you can take a look on my youtube channel
hope you enjoy.

here my inspiration 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

uv gel nails.

I love gel nails, and I´ve seen so beautiful designs so I got this kit, and I´m so happy its came yesterday  my uv gel nails kit, this one is from
I got every thing that I order with a lot of pink stuff, just as I love, and some dictional gifts, some nail stickers, glitters and eyelashes, very cool.
I have´nt use yet, but once I do, I´ll  been posting photos of the nails, and a brief review on the products
so far so good, came in no time and everything as de scribed  in the photos from the store.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Purse organizer

 Hi every one, today I will show, another project of my, a purse organizer, it organize  and if you are always changing the purse, this is great  because you get just the organizer, and change from one to another purse, and everything is already there, when you look in to your purse, you can see everything organized inside of the  practical  pockets.
  I made two of then, one big to my daily purse, so I can carry more stuff and a smaller one in case you want to use a small purse, usually to go to a party or events, when I don´t  need a lot stuff, but still with everything organized.
well don´t you like to have your purse nice and organized ?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweet hairbands

 hairbands are cute accessories, and can give you a nice touch for your look, this hair bands I made for my daughter, really girly and modern.
So be inspired, and  find one that matches to you, to complete your style, 
so cute don´t you think ?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Printed tights.

printed leggings and tights, I made this set inspired by my last purchase, my printed leggings, its a very cool piece, with high heels shoes, boots, even with flat ballerina shoes, this leggings are a charming for a more fun and relaxed look, my has tattoos theme, which I love,
and below is a photo of my leggings, what do you think?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Unnecessary accessory

The  Louis Vuitton 2011 winter  collection - by Marc Jacobs, at Paris Fashion Week, was marked by a controversial image. Model Kate Moss completed the presentation of the brand, across the catwalk with a cigarette in her hand.

Lady Gaga also assumed the  smoker profile  during the fashion show  of Thierry Mugler in 2 / 3 in the same fashion week.
I really don´t think smoking is part of the trend, therefore completely unnecessary accessory, well each one has the freedom to made his on choices, but I believe that a beautiful look  with wonderful clothes, have a better combination  with  a fragrant smell of an Allure by Chanel or Idole d´Armani ,  than the stink of nicotine and smoke, don´t you think??

Prom party

Prom dresses I was reading this article on the teen Vogue and came this idea for the post,  so I just add some of my ideas and opinion, let´s see what we got.

Remember this is a especial day,  so use the occasion to have fun,choosing your clothes, accessories and of corse enjoy the party.
Well what I mean is,  look fabulous but comfortable, from the simplest one to the extravagant wherever is your style chose a dress that will reflect who you are.
Here are some ideas for you look for the prom party,

if you are more a kind of romantic and sweet dreamy girl, light colors and lightweight fabrics are good choices,  a little sparkle some nice accessories and you will be on you cinderella prom dream.

But if your style is more a Rock Princess, some strong colors, and different modern type are more likely to you, short or long you will look beautiful if choice a dress that complement your stile,  don´t forget accessories are always the key for a complete look, and be gorgeous,

and then if you are more a party girl, so you can have a lot fun with colors, shapes and sparkles,  exploring your glamorous doll side, colorful shoes is always fun and a nice touch to your look.

And remember that you don´t have to use just brand names, I post this models on the sets,  juts to give an idea about colors, models and styles, you can always take the idea about what you want for your dress and look out for some affordable options.
Hope you enjoy.