Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prom party

Prom dresses I was reading this article on the teen Vogue and came this idea for the post,  so I just add some of my ideas and opinion, let´s see what we got.

Remember this is a especial day,  so use the occasion to have fun,choosing your clothes, accessories and of corse enjoy the party.
Well what I mean is,  look fabulous but comfortable, from the simplest one to the extravagant wherever is your style chose a dress that will reflect who you are.
Here are some ideas for you look for the prom party,

if you are more a kind of romantic and sweet dreamy girl, light colors and lightweight fabrics are good choices,  a little sparkle some nice accessories and you will be on you cinderella prom dream.

But if your style is more a Rock Princess, some strong colors, and different modern type are more likely to you, short or long you will look beautiful if choice a dress that complement your stile,  don´t forget accessories are always the key for a complete look, and be gorgeous,

and then if you are more a party girl, so you can have a lot fun with colors, shapes and sparkles,  exploring your glamorous doll side, colorful shoes is always fun and a nice touch to your look.

And remember that you don´t have to use just brand names, I post this models on the sets,  juts to give an idea about colors, models and styles, you can always take the idea about what you want for your dress and look out for some affordable options.
Hope you enjoy.

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