Saturday, March 12, 2011

Unnecessary accessory

The  Louis Vuitton 2011 winter  collection - by Marc Jacobs, at Paris Fashion Week, was marked by a controversial image. Model Kate Moss completed the presentation of the brand, across the catwalk with a cigarette in her hand.

Lady Gaga also assumed the  smoker profile  during the fashion show  of Thierry Mugler in 2 / 3 in the same fashion week.
I really don´t think smoking is part of the trend, therefore completely unnecessary accessory, well each one has the freedom to made his on choices, but I believe that a beautiful look  with wonderful clothes, have a better combination  with  a fragrant smell of an Allure by Chanel or Idole d´Armani ,  than the stink of nicotine and smoke, don´t you think??


  1. You're right. It's a unnecessary accessory...
    Nice post!

  2. Hi UMA,thanks for commenting,
    keep up for more fashion posts .
    Kisses !