Wednesday, March 9, 2016

About fashion and shapes.

was sketching some fashion sketches and came in to my mind some thing my daughter told me some time a go, we were talking about been fat like an elephant, and she looked at me and said:
-but mom Elephants are not fat ! 
and I said :
-yes they are big and fat. 
and she replied,
-no, that's their shape, they are like that and not fat, like the giraffe is not slim, is just the shape, all animals have different shapes, don't you know that ?

and well I didn't really think about this, I think most of us don't, and we think that every thing is a pattern and we have to fit on a category,  we are program to think if we don't fit, some thing is wrong, if is not on the pattern is not "usual" and whats is actually usual ?  I like the alternative Style, and is call like this just because some one label it, as 'unusual' but I think is actually pretty cool, and for some time I did try to fit better on the society, but now I don't anymore, I see people talking about the new trend of being "plus size" you don't call the number 100 a plus number, is just a number, you don't buy a flower bouquet by "I want a plus size flower bouquet" and still we call people "plus" don't really understand why, since we don't call very slim people "less size" but anyway thinking about body forms, I and decide, to re-sketch the collection I made in fashion school, but now with a different models, now my models are "plus size" well I would prefer to say normal, never thought this very thin skeletal models for drawing represent the majority of people, so here is my new version of fashion sketches , hope to have more time to finish then by the end of the week, but so far what you guys think ?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

No gowns, no hairstyle no makeup, what ?

I not a hollywood events critic but I had to mention this, Jenny Beavan was amazing on her appearance at the stage, of the academy awards, No gowns, no hairstyle no makeup, wowww who is this woman ?
well she is Jenny Beavan, award for best costume design.
In the last few weeks, she’s won two highly prestigious awards – a Bafta and an Oscar, both for her work designing costumes for Mad Max:Fury Road. When Beavan took the stage to receive the golden statuette for Best Costume Design in Mad Max:Fury Road, wearing, jeans, fake leather jacket and closed shoes, she got the attention of the audience, apparently for appearance not her achievement, and I think is still hard for some people to realize that people, should be accepted by what they truly are and their merits. I think we should be more inspired by this kind of woman this should be our standards, when I say "this kind of woman" I mean powerful/Successful, not talking just about her clothes, I'm taking about her attitude, her accomplishment.
I am a big fan of dressing up, but I think people should feel comfortable to dress up like a barbie doll or not and still be seeing by their achievements.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bear Hat

Had to share this super cute bear hat, I got it when was in LA, last year,
super cozy and just perfect for the freezing days here in Sweden,
I really like those cut kawaii style accessories, colorful hair and stuff like this,
and always thought would not fit to me because I am not a teen anymore, but after while, I just start to think, you know what,whatever, I like this I will wear it, and I think a lot of you may have been on the same situation right ?
so yes, just really wear and use and do it what you think it makes you happy, because get free from labels are the best thing ever.
now I have my pink hair back, and cute accessories always in hand ;)
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the amazing make up artist Saraswati.

Oh WOW, this girl deserves some attention, Malaysia makeup artist take the hijab to the next level. She uses hijab to look like Disney characters, Saraswati is taking the attention of thousands of followers on Instagram using her hijab and make-up in to amazing characterization.
Profile Queen of Luna, she shares incredible images and recreations of different characters and comic book heroes.
The latest transformation of the make-up artist was in character Ariel from The Little Mermaid, take a look on her instagram.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

I am Back

Hi, everyone, so here I'm again, I stopped writing here, for while, but now I'm back , yay I got pregnant and had no time for any thing else, but now I think I can, or at least I will try to post every week some new ideas, when I got here today, and saw the videos and photos, I was like "what ??? did I do this ? and just want to take out? but then I decided to leave it was my begging on the Glam life, and it is a part of the blog history, I hope to make better ones from now on. for starts who loved my new hair color, well I do ! just love this pink. and don't forget to follow--- subscribe--- like all my social media InstaGram and Twitter @ChaTrinsi Youtube Channel Charlene Trinsi Facebook You Glam wow thats a lot of medias to keep up. hope you all enjoy.