Thursday, February 25, 2016

I am Back

Hi, everyone, so here I'm again, I stopped writing here, for while, but now I'm back , yay I got pregnant and had no time for any thing else, but now I think I can, or at least I will try to post every week some new ideas, when I got here today, and saw the videos and photos, I was like "what ??? did I do this ? and just want to take out? but then I decided to leave it was my begging on the Glam life, and it is a part of the blog history, I hope to make better ones from now on. for starts who loved my new hair color, well I do ! just love this pink. and don't forget to follow--- subscribe--- like all my social media InstaGram and Twitter @ChaTrinsi Youtube Channel Charlene Trinsi Facebook You Glam wow thats a lot of medias to keep up. hope you all enjoy.

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