Wednesday, March 9, 2016

About fashion and shapes.

was sketching some fashion sketches and came in to my mind some thing my daughter told me some time a go, we were talking about been fat like an elephant, and she looked at me and said:
-but mom Elephants are not fat ! 
and I said :
-yes they are big and fat. 
and she replied,
-no, that's their shape, they are like that and not fat, like the giraffe is not slim, is just the shape, all animals have different shapes, don't you know that ?

and well I didn't really think about this, I think most of us don't, and we think that every thing is a pattern and we have to fit on a category,  we are program to think if we don't fit, some thing is wrong, if is not on the pattern is not "usual" and whats is actually usual ?  I like the alternative Style, and is call like this just because some one label it, as 'unusual' but I think is actually pretty cool, and for some time I did try to fit better on the society, but now I don't anymore, I see people talking about the new trend of being "plus size" you don't call the number 100 a plus number, is just a number, you don't buy a flower bouquet by "I want a plus size flower bouquet" and still we call people "plus" don't really understand why, since we don't call very slim people "less size" but anyway thinking about body forms, I and decide, to re-sketch the collection I made in fashion school, but now with a different models, now my models are "plus size" well I would prefer to say normal, never thought this very thin skeletal models for drawing represent the majority of people, so here is my new version of fashion sketches , hope to have more time to finish then by the end of the week, but so far what you guys think ?

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