Tuesday, March 1, 2016

No gowns, no hairstyle no makeup, what ?

I not a hollywood events critic but I had to mention this, Jenny Beavan was amazing on her appearance at the stage, of the academy awards, No gowns, no hairstyle no makeup, wowww who is this woman ?
well she is Jenny Beavan, award for best costume design.
In the last few weeks, she’s won two highly prestigious awards – a Bafta and an Oscar, both for her work designing costumes for Mad Max:Fury Road. When Beavan took the stage to receive the golden statuette for Best Costume Design in Mad Max:Fury Road, wearing, jeans, fake leather jacket and closed shoes, she got the attention of the audience, apparently for appearance not her achievement, and I think is still hard for some people to realize that people, should be accepted by what they truly are and their merits. I think we should be more inspired by this kind of woman this should be our standards, when I say "this kind of woman" I mean powerful/Successful, not talking just about her clothes, I'm taking about her attitude, her accomplishment.
I am a big fan of dressing up, but I think people should feel comfortable to dress up like a barbie doll or not and still be seeing by their achievements.

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